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About the author

Viktor Dmitrievich Orekhov was born in the Ukraine, Lvov region. He spent school time in the city of Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan. He graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in Zhukovsky, Moscow satellite town, speciality ‘Flying vehicles’.

Viktor worked at Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) in the department of power plant aerodynamics. Among his first research there was designing air intakes for strategic aircraft Tu-160 and testing it in a wind tunnel. This research resulted in awarding him his first certificate of authorship No 134840.

Viktor participated in wind tunnel tests of the first gas-turbine engine tank, the tests were aimed to reduce intrusion of dust into the air intakes.

He also participated in designing and model testing an air intake screen for a deck-based version of MIG-29K; the screen underwent testing successfully and is used in aviation.

The author published totally 38 publications in this field including 10 certificates of authorship and about 100 research reports. In 1986, Viktor passed Ph.D. defense.

In 1993, he started studying The Open University Business School programmes at International institute of management LINK (IIM LINK), successfully completed them and was awarded the OU Professional Diploma in Management. He then continued study at IIM LINK and was awarded Master of Management degree and Master of Business Administration degree.

He acquired qualification in marketing and IIM LINK where he had been working for 12 years employed him in the position of the head of Marketing department. More than 100 marketing publications in mass media including results of marketing research and interactive marketing activities are one of the results of this work.

Meanwhile Viktor started teaching courses in marketing. He wrote a book ‘Маркетинг’ (Marketing) for ‘Предприимчивый менеджер’ (Enterprising Manager) course, created a range of courses for the distance business education system, in particular «Маркетинг в малом и среднем бизнесе» (Marketing in Small and Medium-Sized Business) course and «Основы маркетинга» (Foundations of Marketing) video-course.

Since 2008 up to now he has been creating and implementing educational programmes. He created ‘Начни своё дело’ (Start Your Business) programme for teaching businesspeople, e-study courses for and, ‘Стратегическое управление и инновационное предпринимательство’ (Strategic Management and Innovative Enterprising) MBA programme, ‘R&D менеджмент’ (R&D Management) for professional retraining, etc.; he held a position of Dean of the Faculty of Professional Retraining.

Having read works by Sergei Kapitsa, he got interested in analyzing human development issues. His first work in this field ‘Место знания в системе развития человечества’ (Place of Knowledge in Human Development System)1 was prepared and published in 2010. Year 2013 was the most fruitful. First, Viktor found an analytic solution to the problem of human population growth2 3 , which seems more clear and reliable than the others. Then he clarified the link between hyperbolic human population growth and long waves4 . Further he linked the first model of knowledge enrichment (bibliographic) to Scopus abstract database and patenting statistics; finally he discovered the long wave pair structure. In 2014, Viktor decided to summarize his works fulfilled in this field and prepare a monograph. While preparing it, he considered some areas allied to the previously achieved results and gained interesting results concerning intellectual capital, education efficiency and long-term development forecast for countries worldwide.

Materials from the monograph published at this web-site are intended to initiate discussing the monograph and criticizing constructively the proposed hypotheses and conclusions as well as to stimulate development of this intellectual field. Proposals of collaboration and advice as to how apply the results gained are welcome.

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