This site is intended for those who are interested in the human development objective laws, knowledge management and issues of forecasting future.

Forecasting human development noting knowledge factor

Орехов В.Д. Прогнозирование развития человечества с учетом фактора знания: Моногр. – Жуковский: МИМ ЛИНК, 2015. – 210 с.


Обложка монографии Виктора Орехова



Part 1. Initial analysis of human development

Chapter 1. Review of articles on human development
Chapter 2. Humanity from the systems approach perspective
Chapter 3. Demographic model of humanity
Chapter 4. Cycling of human development

Part 2. Knowledge and human development

Chapter 5. Accumulation of knowledge by mankind
Chapter 6. Start of human development from knowledge perspective
Chapter 7. Interrelation between knowledge enrichment and GDP of countries

Part 3. Actualization of knowledge resource via intelligence

Chapter 8. Knowledge building system
Chapter 9. Oncoming technology revolutions
Chapter 10. Knowledge enrichment and education
Chapter 11. Interrelation between human intelligence and GDP of countries


Supplement 1. Glossary
Supplement 2. Legend
Supplement 3. Deflator figures

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