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Monograph presented here is written in scientific style and provides detail argumentation and a lot of calculations that make it rather difficult for reading.

To compensate for this, Interesting results briefly describes important and interesting results in a more popular manner acceptable for different categories of readers.

Knowledge and Economy

Знания и экономика

News persuades us the world goes round finance, loans, stakes, banks and oil price. However calculations prove human capital makes 80 per cent of global capital currently and its share is enlarging. Well-educated specialists and scientists are the main wealth of our world (chapter 11). So why do football players, actors, tennis players, racers cost […]

Educational exponent


A specialist’s contribution to GDP appears to depend on years of study exponentially, i.e. heavily (chapter 11). If you studied 5 extra years your productivity is 10 times as high (58 per cent per annum). The reason is, in particular, that well-educated specialists lead new technology to their country and master it. Well-educated nations are […]

How was knowledge retained in the times of Eva?

Как сохранилось знание во времена Евы?

Genetic research proves that from 150,000 to 200,000 years ago the population of homo sapience reduced to its minimum of about 10,000 people. It is due to such a bottleneck passed by humanity that now we are so homogeneous genetically. That time may be called the time when there was a woman we call Eva. […]

A dozens of trillions of dollars error

Ошибка в десятки триллионы долларов

What is the reason behind the crisis of 2008? Assertedly, a financial bubble. And what about Great Depression in 1929? A bubble and lack of money (Wiki gives 9 reasons at choice). Shocking crises shaking richest economies to the core seem to happen occasionally and wise financers are again and again unable to anticipate and […]

Stabilization society

In the 20 century, many demographists considered population growth cessation and even depopulation as a common good. And now this dream is about to coming true.  Humanity decelerated its growth sharply. However the amount of human knowledge is in direct proportion to the global population and the latter directly depends on the gross domestic product […]

Knowledge waves

Kondratiev’s long waves are well-known. But beyond the three cycles investigated by Kondratiev the revolutions pattern appears to be quite different. Waves follow each other not in equal periods but accelerating in time up to 1960. This is a result of hyperbolic population growth. Then the demographic transition period starts, population growth decelerates and wave […]

Intellectual capital of Russia

Despite another ‘times of trouble’ Russia belongs to the group of six countries with the richest intellectual capital which exceeds even its enormous natural resources. Also typical to Russia is the low level of converting intelligence into welfare of its citizens (chapter 11) because of its multiyear isolation from global knowledge. Whether actualization of national […]

Global natality crisis

Всемирный кризис рождаемости

Global population has been growing exponentially for more than two million years and so increased by 70,000 times with the growth rate jumped sharply in the 20 century. Many journals still insist on the direst threat of overpopulating. And suddenly population slammed the brakes on starting from 1960 and now is expected to stop at […]

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